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I have spent the last few years researching my family trees and am beginning now to work on  publishing  them in hardback format via   I will add links and information shortly

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To date these are Guthrie, Quigley, Nicolson and Sloan.  There is also a link to family photographs


  1. Hi! I am a descendant of Captain Charles Arthur Nicolson and Agnes Cecilia Adelaid Fagan of Rosemarkie. They lived in a place called Hawkhill House. I am coming from the US to Inverness in July and would like to try and find out if this building still exists or its history. I have had little to no luck on the Internet (other than a photo: I have some very detailed information about my family if you care to see any of it. I’d like to know if you can help me in any way. Thanks! Cary Lewis

  2. Hi there, thanks for your comment. If I can be of any help I will. My people came from Skye to begin with but then lived further south than Inverness. If you can let me see some of the details I have a lot of information on file which is not on this blog. You never know I may have some more information

  3. […] My Family Posted by: liliansloan | January 2, 2011 […]

  4. Hi Lilian,

    I am a member of the Guthrie family from Coldstream. My Dad was William Scott Davidson Guthrie and his family lived at 31 Duke Street, Coldstream. I have researched my Dad’s family and many of the names in your search are familiar. My Granny was Helen Guthrie and she had sisters Agnes (Aggie), Isabella (Isa), Margaret (Meg), Elizabeth (Lizzie) and brother Andrew. Andrew also lived in Duke Street after he married, his wife’s name was Jessie.
    My Great Grand-dad James Guthrie was married twice and bought the house in Duke Street in 1921. I have the history of the family back to the 1700s.
    I’d love to hear from you.
    Sandra Houghton nee Guthrie

  5. sorry I haven’t replied sooner. I have not been doing the family history for a wee while as I have been busy with other things. However I will get back to you as all this sounds very interesting. My great search is for a Thomas Guthrie born abt 1800 in Eyemouth. There are several possibilities but none fit later in life.

  6. Why is it that there are so many researchers who say that the father of Robert Guthrie , born 1655, is James the Martyr?? I can find no evidence of this and yet there are about 20 sites I have found, sites posted by researchers on and other sites, that give this information. Very confusing. Does anyone have an idea about this???
    Carole Parker-Smith

  7. I suspect because a lot of amateur sleuths want to have someone famous in the tree. I have included him in my research not because I claim him to be an ancestor but because he is one of the early Guthries I find with proven links to where my proven family come from i.e. Berwick shire. That part is more for historical interest in my book than anything else.

  8. I just had another thought here. Because they were both in Berwickshire at the same time and because they were both Covenanters there seems a possible like. I seem to remember in my book I merely suggested this but pointed out there is no proof. I am needing to update my site with what I have found out. There are a lot of Robert, John and James in the area about this time and for the next 100 years. Family links are likely and birth records are there for most of them but identifying who was attached to who is difficult as often the mothers name is not on the record.

  9. Hi Lillian I am getting worried I wondered what has happend to you.
    Helena Socha

  10. absolutely nothing Helena. I became President of a local art club and have been very busy over the past 2 years. My husband has also become a local councillor. As well as this I have been working on his mother’s tree so haven’t been giving much thought to the Nicolsons. I will get back to them when I am finished with Ian’s family as there is still a lot I want to research.Hope you are all well.

  11. Glad you are all well and keeping busy but don ,t over do it though. I am busy also I am launching a poetry book called Showers of Blessings. On the 18 th June, this year. A local Church has done the printing for me and they money from sales will go to a charity I support Blythswood Care Scotland. So been busy but having fun Lillian. We are all well.
    Greetings from us all.


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