Art Work

Artistic Originals  

calendars, cards, books, dolls house, oil painting, watercolours, silk painting, glass painting needlepoint….and anything else I come up with.

Each year I make a Calender using my husbands photographs (Ian Sloan Photography).  We began this for members of our family but now they are selling and the whole thing is beginning to get a bit bigger than anticipated.   I have made hundreds of cards – each one unique – and these also sell though I use a lot of them myself particularly at Christmas.  To preview them click on the links in category cloud in the in the right hand column

Mostly I work in oils but recently I began watercolour painting. I have a number of small water colours which I will include and photos of Oil Paintings where possible.  I have also worked on Glass Painting and silk painting.  As these (as well as some of my oils) are behind glass it is more difficult to photograph but I will try.  Anyone interested in purchasing any of the art work should contact me at  To read posts click on the link in the category cloud in the right hand column



  1. This blog has got a lot of really helpful stuff on it! Cheers for sharing it with me!

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