Posted by: liliansloan | July 9, 2011

9th July 2011

Fist of all just a word about names.  In my last post I told you about the Gobby family – a family of little brown birds who visit my garden.  If any of my readers have the name of Gobby please accept my apologies.  In my part of the world gobby means always talking, often saying the wrong things.  Sometimes we say that a person has a ‘big mouth’ meaning the same thing as gobby.   Yakety yak means constant chatter like small children – noisy and talkative.  Gutzy or gutsy means greedy, always eating.

Anyway, this family continues to grow and still provide much entertainment.  They seem to fight a lot making up the ‘pecking order’ and who gets fed first.

Now I am being visited by what looks like someone’s pet rabbits.  A neighbour tells me that they are probably living wild and have had babies!  There is a lovely grey one and today I saw a black one.   Don’t seem to be aware of my cat though several weeks ago she did bring in a very small rabbit – unusual for her.  It wasn’t dead but whether it survived the fright or not I don’t know.


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