Posted by: liliansloan | June 28, 2011

28th June 2011

Just outside my kitchen window I have placed several bird feeders and coconut feeders.  They hang from a hedge which goes along the side of my garden.  There are lots of different garden birds visit daily; sparrows, bluetits, great tits, robins, blackbirds and of course the Brown birds.  I have great difficulty in identifying all the small brown birds some being female and some being both sexes of some species.  Anyway I want to tell you about the Gobby family.  There is Patience (the mother) Helper (the father ) and 2 chicks whom I have named Yackity-yak and Gutsy.  They live in a nest under the coping stones of my neighbour’s house and I have watched the comings and goings all year.

I watched them make take their fist flight.  There were 4 chicks at the time (I think they are still around but I can only identify the 2 I have named) and they were all poised on the roof of the building making a ferocious din.  Patience perched on the right and Helpful on the left with the chicks in between. Mum and Dad were obviously trying to encourage them to launch of the roof but all they would do was hop up and down the edge of the roof.  Finally Patience decided enough was enough and pinched each on the bum and pushed them off the roof.  Success they were now in flight.  They didn’t go far but landed on the hedge.  Patience and Helpful joined them and led them to the feeders.

Since then I have watched Patience (which must be running out) feed these fat fluffy little creatures endlessly.  Meanwhile they yahked  and squawked constantly.

Yakety-yak was the worst and is still at it though I saw that he/she has finally got the hang of getting food from the coconut shell.  Gutzy on the other hand has also learned to feed but is still chasing Patience around for a top up meal.

I have had so much fun watching this family and I am sure there will be more to come.

The tits and finches though are the bright cookies. They seem to learn faster than all the others – no messing with them when they decide to learn.

a family of pheasants who visit annually - but that's another story


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