Posted by: liliansloan | June 13, 2010

13th June 2010

What a week!   Husband was cutting back the lawn and laying new stones and fabric sheeting round it.  A lot of work.

On Friday I officially became an old person at 65.  Not that I feel old and we have been so busy with lots of things that I was exhausted and spent my birthday doing housework because……. In the evening my daughter and her husband came to stay for the week end and we all went out for a lovely evening meal at the Jasmine Indian Restaurant in Glenrothes. A very good meal it was.   A lot of drunk was drinked and a few sore heads in the morning!   At 5 minutes past midnight on 11th June I asked if I could have my presents instead of the morning as we would be busy.   I was taken out to the garden.   My main birthday present was a potting shed (I know but its what I wanted)  and hubby had put a big sign on it and tied a big pink ribbon al the way round it.

On Saturday 12th we had a BBQ for about 20 people.  It was great and had a lovely time.  I was given lots of beautiful bunches of flowers – I love getting flowers.   Lots of other lovely present too.   One of my friends who has been doing a lot of work on the house gave me a bunch with the words written on a card’ happy birthday to the 4th best customer in the street.  I am glad he didn’t write ‘on the street’  However the dual meaning was taken by all and it caused a lot of laughter.

It was a lovely day.  Today we all visited my mother- in- law who is in hospital.  87 years old and she fell and broke her hip.  Then we took my daughter and hubby home to Edinburgh, had a meal in the Haw’s Inn at South Queensferry and then home.    All is quiet and peace reigns supreme.


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