Posted by: liliansloan | March 9, 2010

9th March

I am on a rant today……..Bank Charges

Now that there has been so much opposition to the high bank charges and the Halifax/Bank of Scotland have had to reduce their charges.  So what do they do? Tell us how wonderful they are as an overdraft (agreed) is interest free  BUT use it and you will be charged £1.00 per day.  I have used the overdraft by less than £20 at a time for a couple of days and end up with several pounds in charges.   This rate is even higher than the interest rates they charged before.   When banks are getting so much public money someone needs to be telling them enough is enough.

It’s time for a solely government-owned National Bank where fair charges are made to customers and we are not driven by greedy shareholders and bank staff/directors.



  1. My friend left the Halifax because of their new fee structure. Sometimes we need to vote with our feet.

  2. and I am thinking about the same action.

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