Posted by: liliansloan | February 21, 2010

21st February

If anyone suggest I should do more home decorating I am liable to swipe them.   We have had our kitchen rebuild – new units new ceiling, new floor.  On top of that the fridge freezer broke down so we had to buy a new one.   Gradually we are disappearing under a layer of dust.  The fridge has had to go into a spare bedroom – strange going to the bedroom to get the milk for a cup of tea!  Anyway the painters are now in and they should be finished in a couple of days then after that some sealants are to get done and then…..finished.

It will probably take us a couple of weeks to get everything cleaned up and put away.  Meanwhile the washing and ironing piles up – no washing machine for 2 weeks – and life staggers on.   Still it will be worth it in the end.

I am looking forward to reclaiming my conservatory and living/dining room.

I have also been very busy with all sorts of things for the Glenrothes art club

meetings etc. trying to get money from Celebrating Fife.  Still it all looks very exciting and I am getting ready for a busy but eventful year.

We have also arranged a holiday in Florence fairly soon so that should be good.  Never been to Florence but always wanted to go.  I will report on that once I have been.  Hope I get some good photos to paint.


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