Posted by: liliansloan | December 31, 2009

31st December 2010

Well here we are on the last day of the year.  It seems to have passed very quickly.  It has been very busy with the Art Club Exhibition in Glenrothes and learning all the tasks of the secretary!!!!!.  However it has been fun even with the frustrations.

At home we have had work done on the house – mainly outside things like new guttering and windows.  Finally after 20 years we got a posh new front door.  It’s all looking quite good.   As soon as the New Year activities are over ( not that there are many of them) we are having a new kitchen fitted and the room gutted and decorated…….that will be fun.   I guess after this we will be in the ‘poor hoose’ – as they say in Scotland.

We were in holiday on the Isle of Skye in May – great but it rained retracing my great grandfathers footsteps.   I often wondered where my love of water and the longing to live by the sea came from.  Having been to Pienchorran and Sconcer I now know.

Later in the year we had a weeks holiday in Gran Canaria in November. This was a much-needed break and the sun and warmth did me the world of good.  We stayed in a lovely apartment and were visited several times a day by a cute kitten from next door, who kept us entertained.

My husband’s elderly mother has not been very well and is increasingly more unsteady on her feet.  However it was my own mother who caused most concern.  After an outbreak of Noro Virus in the home she stayed in Edinburgh (60 people got it and the place was quarantined)  She was very ill and never really recovered from it.   Sadly she died on 27th December.

So after quite a good year 2009 ended on a sad note and 2010 will begin on a sad not with mother’s funeral.  She was 94 and was a fighter, a survivor but at the end just tired of the struggle.  She will be missed.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year  and

‘lang may yer lum reak’


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