Posted by: liliansloan | July 22, 2009

22nd July

Finally got the second edition of the Nicolson book completed and published.  This version has more information on it and more photographs from the Isle of Skye

the link is

The Nicolsons from …
By Lilian Sloan phot…


  1. Hi Andreas,
    I’m looking for more information about Malcolm Macleod Nicolson (06/07/1919-12/21/1951). He was killed in an accident in Leeds. This information I have from his obituary that appeared in the Proc. of the Physical Society, Vol. 65, Part 12, p. 1065, 1952. Actually, I’m looking for information about his widow, Phyllis Nicolson (nee Lockett), who later remarried. Are you aware of or related to (this) Malcolm Nicolson?

  2. Hi,
    sorry but I don’t know of this person. The only Malcolm Nicolson that I knew of that generation lived in Folkstone and died there. The only possibility in my family would be a\ distant cousin but sorry I can’t help. If you gave me a few more details ie parents, birth location or marriage location, I might have some information on file.

  3. Hi,
    thanks for your response. I’m afraid I don’t know any of the information you ask for except for the fact that he was born in Skye and that his family moved to Lancashire later on.

  4. Because he was born in Skye in recent times you should be able to find out from Scotland’s People the date of the marriage. If you can get that you will then get his parents, her parents and where she was born. Then if you want to it is easier to work back.

  5. Hi Lilian – I have just ordered your books – have several line of Nicholson but looking for Malcolm Nicholson of Fasach Glendale born Scorrybreck died Lowergill from gun shot wound married Euphemia MacCrimmon who died 1869 – do you have any info regarding his “UP” line?

  6. Hello Maureen. Thank you for purchasing my book. I hope you find it useful. I will look into the line you give me when I have a minuite. Do you have family tree Maker? if so I could probably send you a gedcom file.

  7. Could you let me know something of their children or parents. I have so many Malcolm Nicolsons in my tree who have no spouses as yet that I cannot say if any are the right one

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