Posted by: liliansloan | June 19, 2009

19th June

Well it’s been a busy month.  We have been getting our large living room decorated and …where does all the stuff come from.  Tood a lot of unwanted things to a charity shop today.  Just waiting on the carpet to get fitted and I hope they can come soon as we are having a big BBQ next Saturday.

I’ve had a lot of work for the art club – the June Newsletter and preparations for a calendar which will feature members work. It will be good when we get it put together.  I must put some more paintings on this site.

On Thursday we went on a boat trip on Loch Lomond with the retired members group for Unison Fife.  It was great fun and we had a lovely day.

I have nearly finished the second edition of my book about the Nicolson family and will get it published soon.  I am also just about ready to publish the second book of the series about the Quigley family.  It has been exciting as I had another connection with people in Illanois who are related to my family.   The world is a small place with the internet.


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