Posted by: liliansloan | May 1, 2009

1st May 2009

May Day…..well it would be a May Day Call if I had got up to see the sunrise on Falkland Hill…..they would need a helicopter to get me down!

More to the point I go for a weeks R’n R to the Isle of Skye tomorrow with hubby, daughter and her hubby.  The weather doesn’t look too promising bu I am looking forward to the peace and quiet.

I’ve never been before so I looking forward to see places that are my family roots.  We are self catering and I think our car is going to have to stretch itself into a van to take all the stuff we plan to pack in…..I am not sure about the kitchen sink but……

Hopefully I will get some watercolour sketches done but if not we will get lots of photographs – atmospheric and all that.  I will want some anyway to add to the second edition of my Nicolson book.

Can’t wait to get away things have been a bit hectic round here of late.


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