Posted by: liliansloan | March 1, 2009

27th February

Had a busy week.  Went to a lovely dinner in the Adam Smith  College Kirkcaldy Fife.  It was a fund raising dinner for the Diabetes Group in central Fife.  Great Food and good company a lovely evening.  I won a big box of Cadbury’s Roses in the raffle.

On Friday we went through to Edinburgh to see our daughter and her husband.  They moved into a lovely new house in Stockbridge on the 20th,  she started a new job as a web designer on the 23rd and they had their 4th wedding anniversary on the 26th.   On Friday we had a lovely meal in a local Italian Restaurant to celebrate it all.

On Saturday we went to see the ‘Al Jolsen Story’ at the King’s Theatre.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The only downside was that our seats were in the upper circle…..the only way up is millions of stairs!  I have aching muscels in  my legs today.   A good week-end was had by all.


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