Posted by: liliansloan | February 10, 2009

9th February

Had quite a busy day today. got my hair done and was packing to go away for a few days.  I was very tierd this morning didn’t get to sleep till about 4am.  Hubby was out for the evening and when he has been drinking HE SNORES!!!!!!!  OMG you get to the point where what really is annoying is the breathing!

Still feeling better now but as I have to get up at 6.30am tomorrow I will need an early night.    When we go away our cat Poppy knows and she stalks us as soon as she sees the cases.

Once we were going to York – Monday till Friday.  When we came back on the Friday she was locked in a bedroom.  I assumed that my friend, who had been feeding her must have let her into the room by mistake abd locked her in.  She told me that she had never seen Poppy all week but as she was eating all the food she put out she assumed all was OK.  We later worked it out.   When we came home Poppy gave us a hard time and moaned at us for hours.   On the morning we had left I had been in that room. OMG she had been there the whole week and my friend was feeding a naibourhood cat. It was the summer and fortunately the curtains were closed and that room doesn’t get much sun.   Poor cat.   Now when we go away with the dreaded cases she sits out at the front step to make sure we don’t make the same mistake again.  My son-in-law calls her the wee black ninja because once she took a flying leap at their cat and attacked it.




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