Posted by: liliansloan | February 6, 2009

5 February

Well it has been really wintry for a lot of folks this week.  Most unusual for such chaos in the South England.  A bit more normal in the North Scotland.  Here is Fife we never seem to follow everyone else and we have had little of the horrendous weather everyone else seems to be getting.  Hey Ho that’s life.

God I am fed up of the porn and Viagra comments (even if they end up in spam) on this blog.   Some folks  needs to get a life.  I don’t need them thank you very much!

Spent some of this week tidying the crap from my computer/painting/office room.  Where does it all come from I ask? I found a whole lot of discs with genealogy info on them – past saves.  Good job they are all CD-RW so I can scrub all this outdated information.  Sent of one of my book drafts on the Guthry family to Australia so that I can get the additional info on the family out there.  It was really interesting doing this research.  I found we had one past relative who went to New Zealand.  When I put his name into a web search I found the whole family out there plus his wife’s relatives in Scotland.

At the moment I am reading a book called Curious Scotland.  Its about bits of Scottish History that most people either don’t know about or the myths have changed the story.   I found out that Bonnie Prince Charles of Culloden fame, had a mistress called Clemintine Walkinshaw.  They had a daughter called Charlotte.   Now guess what the people I talked about above who went to New Zealand – well his mother-in-law was a Walkinshaw.    Wouldn’t it be great if I found a connection.  Who knows.

Found this amazing web site tonight….I laughed till I was sore. Photos and captions of cats.   It is a must if you want cheered up or just need to laugh


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