Posted by: liliansloan | February 1, 2009

31st January

I thought today that I must get back to doing some work on my Doll’s House.  I have started by taking some pictures from inside the main building.   I just love the little items and am amazed at the talent of the prople who make such tiny things.  The next thing I have to do is get the electric lighting put in and then the garden at the front. Double click to enlarge image



  1. Did you make the music case? It’s very Victorian–the house and residents, I mean. Wonderful details.

    Michelle’s dolls’ house was just a cardboard box, not originally intended to become so elaborate. I subscribed to a dolls’ house magazine for a while, and bought several books on the subject. For the furniture, I bought kits that came as flat sheets of wood with the parts to be punched out and fitted together. Of course, I customized them. And made some myself.

    Miniatures are so much fun. My house was contemporary. I made most of the accessories from air-drying molding stuff and Sculpey plus paper and fabric. Even made every single book!

    It was doing needlework for the first dolls’ house that got me into embroidery, which is where I’ve stayed.

    The Baltimore Museum of Art has a whole room dedicated to miniature rooms, including shops, made by professional artisans and almost unbelievable–the tiny, perfect pieces.

    Your house is wonderful to visit. Thanks for directing me to it.

  2. Hi Jowynn
    thanks for your lovely comments. I had wanted a doll’s house all my life…family couldn’t afford it when I was young. When you are a teenager – no way its not cool. When in your 20’s and 30’s life throws up other stuff and so I never had one. My daughter and son-in-law knew this and bought me this main house for my 60th birthday.
    The roof tiles are real chips of red brick which I glued on – took ages. I have to say though the stuff was all bought. My pleasure was in the creation not in the making of the items – that I leave to more expert people.
    I have a complete other section which I will put up on a page in due course, along with conservatory garden etc. All the wallpaper is authentic Vivtorian patterns printed to scale.
    It is great to be able to come back to it from time to time and do more.

  3. can’t understand why you couldn’t get the enlargement. I will have to check that. It works for me.

  4. Hi Jowynn
    have put some more photos of my house on the site

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