Posted by: liliansloan | January 24, 2009

24th Jan

I feel a rant coming on.  I was printing out a small letter today and needed to change an ink cartridge.  Once again I felt really cross at how  Epson package their cartridges.  Here we are in a society banging on about environmentally friendly goods and Epson package each cartridge in an enormous plastic box.  If it was cardboard at least we could recycle it.   The powers that be should put a stop to it.

On a lighter note I finished a pen and watercolour painting of Culross and I am quite pleased with it.  My watercolours are definately getting better.



  1. Not only are the boxes plastic, you have to remember that all of Epsons new printers there are not any refilled cartridges for them because of the chips. Which means they are all getting thrown out. That is why I have about 70-80 replacement Epsons that are getting added to our website as I speak.

  2. I have an Epson Printer and never buy Epson inks. At first I was timid about trying others, but was recommended by so many friends to us recycled ones from a company in the Channel Island, that I have swopped as they are less than half the price and often have buy one get one free offers. If you look at my website, all the photographs have been printed using these inks and they are superb and the customer service is fantastic. These are certainly not over-packed and used the same plastic containers time and time again. So I would recommend using an alternative company to Epson. Hope this comment is useful. Patricia

  3. thanks for that Patricia. I too have used other companies and found that with the chip they didn’t work properly. I will have a look at your site and get the company address

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