Posted by: liliansloan | January 17, 2009

17th January Glenrothes

Was reading on a sight about Glenrothes  (Knowhere or something like that)   Someone had written some really unpleasant things about the town art so let me tell you a story……

When I was first married my hubby was offered a job (an opinion he couldn’t refuse) to work in Glenrothes.  As I had been brought up in Edinburgh, Glenrothes sounded like my worst nightmare – a whole town of housing schemes.   However I was taken round and thought its Ok not wonderful but OK.  In time we moved into the Stenton area, brand new house etc. and I thought that that was a bit more than OK.

Some while later our daughter was born and one day when I was pushing the pram round Pitteuchar I suddenly came across a couple of stone Hippos.   I had been a bit fed up that day and suddenly I felt like laughing.   Over the next few months I also discovered the mushrooms, space ships etc that were meant for kids to play on and climb over.

Glenrothes suddenly became the best place to live and I have never regretted the move.   Well done David Harding and Stanley Bonnar, you brought humour, a smile and art into one more resident’s life.   What better reason to support public art.


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