Posted by: liliansloan | January 14, 2009

14th January

Spent some time today working on my book about the Nicolsons 

Need to get the historical stuff checked out and maybe some more added before I publish.  It is a lot of work and not so easy to get a lot of information about family members who lived on the Isle of Skye.  Need to get some more good photos of the area but since I am going there in May I should get some more for my book then.   In the meantime I can begin on the next of the 4 books about the rest of the family tree – the Quigleys from Donegal, the Guthries from Berwickshire and the Sloans from Antrim.  A lot of work but the result I am sure will be worth it.



  1. Lilian,

    Tell me more about your Quigleys from Donegal. I have Quigley connections there also and wondered about a possible connection. If the name Gallagher appears anywhere I would be keen to know more!



  2. Hi Paul
    The Quigley family come from Tullydish near Buncrana but also some were in Londonderry where many still live.
    They had a far ‘Big Holm’ in Tullydish. I don’t recall the name Gallagher but the family names are Burns, Bell from Burnfoot, Cameron, Porter, Fitzpatrick to name a few. Where are your folk from?
    Have just come across the census for Drumhaggart nr. Burnfoot and Buncrana and there are both Bells (my family) and Gallaghers
    Any connection? The link is

  3. Hi Paul did you get my reply. I was looking at some marriage records for Quiglies in Londonderry and I came across some Gallaghers

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