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The Quigley Family

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The Donegal Valuations show the following:-

In 1860 in the Townland of Upper Tullydush in the Parish of Lower Fahan were William Quigley, Robert Quigley and Robt. Quigley, John Quigley

We also find that in Upper Tullydush in the parish of Lower Fahan there is William Burns and James Burns.   In Lower Fahan, Ballymacarry is John and James Burns, in Aghilly and Lenynarnan is James Bell and in Tullyarvan is Samuel Bell.

Robert Quigley (little) was in partnership with William Burns and they rented 17 acres and 30 perches from Thomas Alexander.  They also rented bog land for turf cutting

Robert Quigley (big) rented also from Thomas Alexander a dwelling house some outbuildings and 92 acres of land.  He also sublet a cottage and small vegetable garden to James Burns our great grandmother’s (Mary Burns) father

Although Thomas Alexander can be found in the records nothing else is known about him.

John Quigley and William Quigley were jointly renting a farm of 33acres with a Thomas Porter.  They each had their own houses.  From the valuations they were small 2 roomed stone built thatched cottages common at the tim

It can be noted from the family tree that in the next generation James Quigley married a Sarah Porter. Perhaps Thomas was her father.  There were a number of Porters living in the area at the time.

From the dates we have  John Quigley married  Ann Cameron, Robert Quigley married  Jane Quigley and William Quigley  is also married to a Jane.  It is not clear what the relationship to each other is but it can be safely assumed that they were siblings or close relatives of our great great grandfather John.

When we examine the dates it is more than likely, though I cannot prove it that Robert, John and William are bothers of our great great grandfather.  This would make James Burns  and Mary Cameron, Robert Quigley’s sister-in-law and her husband.   William Burns would either have been father or brother of James Burn

Griffiths Valuation Records 1868

These are names copied from the list

Quigley John  Tullydush, Upper Fahan Lower Donegal

Quigley John Castlequarter Fahan Upper Donegal

Quigley John Tullydush, Upper Fahan Lower Donega

Quigley Robert Magherabeg Fahan Upper Donegal

Quigley Robert Tullydush, Upper Fahan Lower Donegal

Quigley Robt. Tullydush, Upper Fahan Lower Donegal

Quigley William Elaghbeg Burt  Donegal

Quigley William Magherabeg Fahan Upper Donegal

Quigley William Mossyglen Moville Lower Donegal

Quigley William Tievebane  Fahan UpperDonegal

Quigley William Tullydush, Upper Fahan Lower Donegal

Quigley Willian Tullydush, Upper Fahan Lower Donegaal

Burns James Roes Inver Donega

Burns James Tullydush, Upper Fahan Lower Donegal

Burns Jane Ballymacarry Fahan Lower Donegal

Burns John Ballymacarry Fahan Lower Donega

Burns William Tullydush, Upper Fahan Lower Donegal

The Farms

In research I find that there are 3 farms.  and three cottages in a row.  In front of these houses where the wall now is, there was a dairy for making cheese and other milk products.  There were other barns etc. for milking.  The place was known as Big Holm and this appeared on maps of the time.  It is still described as such in recent planning maps and a name plate is on the wall in front of the

houses.     Apart from cattle,  peat was cut as fuel and presumably sold locally

One cottage seems to have been  owned by the Walkers, Florence (known as Florrie) her husband George and her father Hugh Quigley.

The second is owned by Thomas Quigley and it is this part which is eventually run by our Grandfather William James who at this time is living in Londonderry at 40 Cottage Row Rosemount.  In the 20’s he returns to Tullydish with his wife Margaret and their two children John and Sarah Jane (known as Sadie).    I am told by family that William had a coal delivery business which he sold to Joseph Quigley and used this money to pay for his portion of the farm.  Our mother also tells me that Thomas borrowed  a sum of money from William James to buy fields on the Marrows.  Thomas died a young man of 37yrs and the farm was then taken over by our grandfather.

The third farm then must have been owned by James snr, who was brother to John, and his son James. It is this third branch which according to the legal papers is later owned by Robert and James jnr. Robert and his brother  are already in Glasgow where Robert married  Anne McKenzie in 1909.   Anne died in 1915 and her daughter Margaret was brought back to Tullydish to be brought up by Aunt Sarah Jane, sister to William James.  Anne and Robert had another child James.  I have no details of this child. Possibly Anne died during childbirth.  Robert however, returned to Tullydish and took up with the farm.

His brother stayed in Glasgow.  According to our mother James suffered head injuries from an accident with a horse and cart. He had some brain damage as a result.   Margaret was also known as Greta.  She inherited the farm eventually and papers show the details of this.

It is not very clear who inherited what parts of the farm until more recent times. Certainly there were partnerships, land rented, land bought and deeds passed on but I have not found out at what point the land is owned by the Quigley family.   It is however clear that there were a great deal more people living in Tullydish in the early days.  It seems to have been a busy community.

The family were all Church of Ireland and many were members of the Orange Lodge. When Donegal became part of Southern Ireland (Lower Fahan had until then been part of Raphoe) this created some difficulties for them as they were now in the Catholic South.

Burt Defenders of the Faith and The Deed of Covenan

Many of the places in the  photocopies ( see at the end of the book)  of an article about the Burt Fait Defenders, would have been very familier to our grandfather and his family. It shows the development of this particular Lodge which would have been used by members of the family

In 1912 we can find that all of the family signed the deed of covenant and I have included  a copy of some of the signatures of family members.    This was a historic time in Irish history and it  is strange to be able to read all the signatures of both the men and women of Tullydish.

Descendants of Robert Quigley

Generation No. 1

1.  ROBERT QUIGLEY  (QUIGLEY FATHER) was born 1801 in Buncrana Donegal Ireland, and died 28 Jun 1872 in Buncrana Donegal Ireland.  He married JANE QUIGLEY 12 Feb 1841 in Church of Ireland Buncarana  Donegal Ireland.  She was born 1820 in Londonderry Ireland, and died 04 Mar 1900 in Buncrana Donegal Ireland.


Residence: 1857, Griffiths Valuation Tullydish Upper


i.   ELIZA QUIGLEY, b. 1840, Tullydish Buncrana Donegal Ireland; m. FITZGERALD DOCHERTY, 13 Nov 1862, Upper Fahan Donegal Ireland; b. 1840, Donegal Ireland.

2.   ii.  JAMES QUIGLEY, b. 1842, Tullydish Buncrana Donegal Ireland; d. 26 May 1916, Tullydish Buncrana Donegal Ireland.

iii. MARGARET QUIGLEY, b. 01 Jan 1844, Buncrana Donegal Ireland.

3.   iv. JOHN QUIGLEY, b. 16 Jun 1845, Buncrana Donegal Ireland; d. 31 Jan 1937, Tullydush Donegal Northern Ireland.

Generation No. 2

2. JAMES QUIGLEY (ROBERT) was born 1842 in Tullydish Buncrana Donegal Ireland, and died 26 May 1916 in Tullydish Buncrana Donegal Ireland.  He married SARAH PORTER, daughter of THOMAS OR JOHN PORTER.  She was born Abt. 1850 in Donegal  Ireland.


listed in the Griffin Land Valuation for Ireland 1/10/1857  Was badly injured in a fall from a pony and trap and suffered brain damage. It affected his memory for the rest of life. He constantly talked to himself.


Occupation: 1857, Farmer Inishowen Lower Fahan – Upper Tullydush – Donegal Ireland


i.   MARY ANNE QUIGLEY, b. 28 Apr 1869, Buncrana Donegal Ireland.

ii.  JAMES QUIGLEY, b. Abt. 1875, Donegal co.Donegal Ireland.

iii. ROBERT QUIGLEY, b. 20 Dec 1875, Donegal Northern Ireland; d. Abt. 1942, Glasgow Scotland; m. ANNIE MCKENZIE, 1909; b. 10 Feb 1873, Shank St (?) Airdrie Lanarkshire; d. 10 Oct 1915, St.James Road Glasgow Scotland.


listed in griffiths valuation for upper Tullydush


Fact -: 1912, signed Ulster Covenant at Glasgow brother James signed in Buncrana

Occupation: 1909, Lorryman

Residence: lived in Collins St. Glasgow


1881 census

Dwelling: 8 Espedair St

Census Place: Paisley Low Church, Renfrew, Scotland

William MC KENZIEM Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland

Rel: Head

Occ: Tanner

Margaret MCKENZIE  Airdrie, Lanark, Scotland


Joseph MCKENZIE Airdrie, Lanark, Scotland



Elizabeth MCKENZIE   Airdrie, Lanark, Scotland



Ann MCKENZIE 8 Airdrie, Lanark, Scotland


Medical Information: died of heart attack

Residence: 1909, 24 Stock Str.Paisley

3.JOHN QUIGLEY (ROBERT) was born 16 Jun 1845 in Buncrana Donegal Ireland, and died 31 Jan 1937 in Tullydush Donegal Northern Ireland.  He married MARY BURNS 03 Dec 1872 in Buncarana  Donegal Ireland, daughter of JAMES BURNS and MARY CAMERON.  She was born 14 Mar 1851 in Buncrana Donegal Ireland.


listed in the Griffin Land Valuation for Ireland 1/10/1857


Occupation: 1857, Farmer Inishowen Lower Fahan – Upper Tullydush – Donegal Ireland

Residence: 1857, Griffiths valuation Tullydish Upper; Castlequarter

Marriage Notes for JOHN QUIGLEY and MARY BURNS:

ln the presence of William Burns and Sarh Ann Burns

Children of JOHN QUIGLEY and MARY BURNS are:

4.   i.   ROBERT JOHN QUIGLEY, b. 09 Jan 1878, Lower Fahan Donegal Ireland; d. 12 Oct 1969, Buncrana Donegal Ireland.

ii.  SARAH JANE QUIGLEY, b. 22 Oct 1879, Lower Fahan Donegal Ireland; d. 22 May 1967, Buncrana Donegal Ireland.


Fact -: 1912, signed Ulster Covenant at Buncrana Tullydish

iii. ELIZABETH QUIGLEY, b. Abt. 1880, Donegal Ireland; d. Abt. 1960, Rutherglen Glasgow Scotland; m. EDDIE GILLESPIE; b. Abt. 1880.



5.   iv.  WILLIAM JAMES QUIGLEY, b. Abt. 1880, Tullydush Inishowen Northern ireland; d. 1963, Tullydush Inishowen Donegal Ireland.

6.   v.   HUGH QUIGLEY, b. 03 Nov 1880, Lower Fahan Donegal Ireland; d. 19 May 1965, Buncrana Donegal Ireland.

vi.  MARY QUIGLEY, b. 20 May 1882, Lower Fahan Donegal Ireland; d. 26 Sep 1909, Buncrana Donegal Ireland.

vii. THOMAS QUIGLEY, b. 1883, Buncrana Donegal Ireland; d. 16 Dec 1920, Buncrana Donegal Ireland.


Died a young man  Thomas had wanted to buy part of the farm and borrowed money from his brother William James who was in Londonderry. William loaned it to him and when he died William inherited the farm.

7.   viii.     GEORGE ALEXANDER QUIGLEY, b. 29 Jul 1885, Lower Fahan Donegal Ireland; d. Slough Buckinghamshire England.

ix.  KENNETH QUIGLEY, b. 27 Sep 1888, Lower Fahan Donegal Ireland.

x.   SUSAN QUIGLEY, b. Abt. 1892, Buncrana Donegal Ireland; d. 28 Nov 1909, Buncrana Donegal Ireland.


She died a young woman from TB

8.   xi.  JOSEPH QUIGLEY, b. 24 Mar 1894, Lower Fahan Donegal Ireland; d. Abt. 1960, londonderry ireland.

Generation No. 3

4.  ROBERT JOHN QUIGLEY (JOHN, ROBERT) was born 09 Jan 1878 in Lower Fahan Donegal Ireland, and died 12 Oct 1969 in Buncrana Donegal Ireland.  He married ELIZABETH JANE QUIGLEY.  She was born 09 Jun 1872 in Buncrana Donegal Ireland, and died 19 Oct 1934 in Buncrana Donegal Ireland.


Lived at the Roadside Tullydish. The house was burnt down and is now a ruin


Baptism: 12 May 1878, received into the church


i.   MARY FERGUSSON, b. Abt. 1880, Buncrana Donegal Ireland.

5.  WILLIAM JAMES QUIGLEY (JOHN, ROBERT) was born Abt. 1880 in Tullydush Inishowen Northern ireland, and died 1963 in Tullydush Inishowen Donegal Ireland.  He married MARGARET BELL, daughter of RICHARD BELL and MILLER.  She was born Abt. 1880 in Northern ireland, and died Abt. 1963 in Donegal ireland.


Had a business delivering coal. He sold this to buy the farm in Tullydish. He had lent money to his brother Thomas to buy the land and when Thomas died young he inherited that part of the farm.


Fact -: 1912, signed Ulster Covenant at Burnfoot

Occupation: 1915, coal delivery driver

Residence: 1915, 40 Cottage Row Rosemount Londonderry


Burial: 1965, Buncrana Donegal Ireland

Residence: 1911, Gortnaskea Upper Fahan Donegal


9.   i.   JOHN5 QUIGLEY, b. Abt. 1910; d. 31 May 1996, Waterside Londonderry Ireland.

10.  ii.  SARAH JANE QUIGLEY, b. 16 Sep 1915, northern ireland.

6.  HUGH QUIGLEY (JOHN, ROBERT) was born 03 Nov 1880 in Lower Fahan Donegal Ireland, and died 19 May 1965 in Buncrana Donegal Ireland.  He married MARGARET BANKS, daughter of 2 BANKS and 1 BANKS.  She was born Abt. 1900.


11.  i.   FLORENCE QUIGLEY, b. 09 Dec 1902, Buncrana Donegal Ireland; d. 31 Dec 1989, Tullydish Buncrana Donegal Ireland.

7.  GEORGE ALEXANDER QUIGLEY (JOHN, ROBERT) was born 29 Jul 1885 in Lower Fahan Donegal Ireland, and died in Slough Buckinghamshire England.  He married PLESSEY.


WAS 90 IN 1991


i.   JOHN QUIGLEY, b. 1914; d. 12 May 1944, Monticassino Italy.

8.  JOSEPH QUIGLEY (JOHN, ROBERT) was born 24 Mar 1894 in Lower Fahan Donegal Ireland, and died Abt. 1960 in londonderry ireland.  He married FRANCIS NEELY.  She was born Abt. 1880 in Donegal Ireland.


i.   JOHN  QUIGLEY, b. 1913; m. MYRTLE.

ii.  TILLY QUIGLEY, b. Abt. 1925.

Iii  Molly Quigley

Generation No. 4

9.  JOHN QUIGLEY (WILLIAM JAMES, JOHN, ROBERT) was born Abt. 1910, and died 31 May 1996 in Waterside Londonderry Ireland.  He married EVA KATHLEEN BROOKS, daughter of W.J.BROOKS and ISABELLA BROOKS.  She was born 1910 in Buncrana Donegal Ireland, and died 24 Jun 2002 in Waterside Londonderry Ireland .


Retirement: 1975, left Tullydish went to Londonderry

Children of JOHN QUIGLEY and EVA BROOKS are:

1 daughter 1 son still living

10.  SARAH JANE QUIGLEY (WILLIAM JAMES, JOHN, ROBERT) was born 16 Sep 1915 in northern ireland.  She married DONALD NICOLSON7, son of MALCOM NICOLSON and CATHERINE MCCALLUM.  He was born 06 Oct 1908 in Hamilton Park Terrace Oban Scotland7, and died 09 Jun 1983 in Edinburgh Scotland7.


came to Alderbank in Edinburgh 1939

lived at Rosemount Cottages Londonderry as a child

At about the age of 10  went to live at Big Holme in Tullydish nr, Buncrana


Occupation: nurse in Edinburgh Northern General


George Herriots school 1922

had a very serious head injury when about 18. Operated on by Dr.Norman Dot. This was pioneering surgery and Donald was given about 5yrs to live at best. He died aged 73


2 daughters, 2 sons, 4 grand daughters

11.  FLORENCE QUIGLEY (HUGH, JOHN, ROBERT) was born 09 Dec 1902 in Buncrana Donegal Ireland, and died 31 Dec 1989 in Tullydish Buncrana Donegal Ireland.  She married GEORGE WALKER.  He was born Abt. 1920 in Donegal Ireland, and died 02 Oct 1988 in Tullydish Buncrana Donegal Ireland.


i.   CECIL WALKER, b. Abt. 1940, Donegal Ireland; d. 14 Mar 2002, Tullydish Buncrana Donegal Ireland.

The Quigley family …
By Lilian McCallum S…


  1. Glad to be of help are you connected to any of these families?

  2. I think you are thinking like sukrat, but I think you should cover the other side of the topic in the post too…

  3. I found your website quite by accident searching for information about the Quigley Family in Buncrana, Ireland. I am a descendant of Thomas Porter and Mary Quigley (m. 4-4-1853, Christ Church, Buncrana), daughter of John Quigley. Are you living in Scotland? I live in Springfield,Illinois USA. I believe the Porters and Quigleys you mentioned are my relations. Please respond if you can. Thanks.

  4. this is great
    I will send a reply to you privately. I am sure we will have lots to share.

  5. I received your reply this morning and responded in turn. But I have since received a notification that my E-mail was undeliverable. I will try again.
    Thanks for responding. My info about Porters in
    Ireland is limited, but dovetails well with yours. I
    will forward it as soon as I put it into a LDS format. I am a descendant of John Porter, son of
    Thomas. John immigrated to US in 1878 with his wife Hester Mulholland of Londonderry and his younger brother Robert, eventually settling in Peoria, Illinois. Family tradition maintains that the Porters are Scotch-Irish.

  6. Hope my E-mails are getting through. Just sent two with details about Porters/Quigleys that I have.

  7. Yes I got them and have replied

  8. Hi Lilian,
    My family came from Lewis Street Rosemount and my [late] father would talk of Quigleys from Rosemount.
    For your information William.J was a member of the original Ulster Volunteer Force in 1914.
    His UVF number was 794, A division [3rd Battalion] section16.
    He gave his age as 40, address 40 Cottage Row.
    As you know from where he signed the covenant.

    Did you know the 1911 census for Donegal is now on-line at the National Archives of Ireland website.

  9. This is great. How good to hear from you. I didn’t know that. I did know his address from my mother, his daughter.
    I will have to go to the 1911 census. Do you have any more information on the Quigley family?

  10. hello I will study English in Ireland in buncrana, the marrows. I hear a connolly Glenda? I’ll be with her and her family a month. I am going to Ireland with the Donegal center.

  11. Well done. Where are you from? My family come from this area for many years. None of them live there now as the farms are owned by someone else now

  12. I’m from Madrid (Spain) I will travel this Monday buncrana the Marrows, much of this is not what people have told me that if there esque is known around the world. Do you know Glenda Connolly? I have been told that it is very nice.


    I’m from Madrid (Spain) I will travel this Monday buncrana.The Marrows, is the family of q voy a ir. Do you know Glenda Connolly? I have been told that it is very nice.


  15. no I don’t know the family. I live in Scotland. Yes it is a nice part of the world and there are lots of beautiful villages in Inishowen.

  16. And you know someone living here ?

  17. no. not any more. The nearest people that I know live quite far away from there.

  18. Its nice to see some interesting information on the Quigley side of my family and would be interesting to find information on the Brooks also.

    There are now two more additions (Abigail and Aaron) who are both my daughter and son.


  19. Michael
    I have been trying to contact you but your aol address keeps bouncing me. If you get this could you get in touch again. Maybe you have changed your address.

  20. Hi Garyth
    sorry if I sound ignorant but which is your connection to the family? I have put a lot more information into a book (self-published with Blurb) which will be getting published in the next week or two. I will send you a link when it is done. What is on my blog is really quite basic.
    The book is one of 4 called ‘The Road To Edinburgh’ which deals with the stories of my mother’s, my father’s, and my husband’s parent’s families. The culminate in my daughter who lives along with other members of my family, in Edinburgh.
    As yet I don’t have any substantial information on the Brooks family but I know that Alice Quigley was going to look into that. Maybe it can be added in a later edition of the book.
    I have also included in it information on the Porters of the area, following a communication from a Michael Porter in Illanois. You can see some of this on previous pages of my blog.

  21. Lilian,

    My connection is I am the son of Ken Quigley (John Kenneth) who is the brother of my aunty Alice Quigley and Ken is married to Lynette.


  22. Hi Gareth
    after I wrote the last reply I felt such a fool cos I realised who you were. I am so sorry. Yes I have put it into the family tree. The living people are not on this site so it doesn’t show up. I am glad to hear that your dad is getting better. Love to all

  23. Hi Lilian
    Just found your website. I have ties into my family tree. Robert John Quigley married Eliza Jane Ferguson abt 1898. They had three daughters Martha Quigley, Mary Burns Quigley, and Margaret Ferguson Quigley. Only Martha married, Thomas Walker and they had 2 daughters, Elizabeth and Mary Roberta Walker.
    Elizabeth married William Burns and Mary married George Nicholl. Neither had children.
    I haven’t had time to check the rest of your info.
    Maybe you could get in touch sometime.

  24. Hello Liliy
    I will most certainly be in touch. I have just been away on holiday and just got back. The work on this website does need to be updated including the information you have given me. I vaguly remember Martha and Mary when I was a young child and have fond memories of there lovely cottage. I also have a photo of the ruins of the cottages which I took a couple of years ago. I have published a book on the family which has more detail than on this site. I will get in touch in a day or two with links to the book and you can tell me what I need to correct. Great to hear from you

  25. Hi Lilian
    Just a correction. On the last e mail I said Elizabeth married William Burns. This should have been William Dixon whose mother was Burns. They were related on both her mother and fathers side.
    I have no record for a Kenneth Quigley but 27-9-1888 is the date I have recorded as the birthday of his brother Thomas. Kenneth does not appear in the 1911 Census either. Also I have their grandfather Robert married to Anne, not Jane.
    I got this from the C of I Buncrana records in PRONI.
    Eva Brooks – I have her father as William James and her mother Isabella and her sister Sarah but this is all so far.
    I have quite a lot of information on the Burns family.
    I was actually following the Walker tree as that was my maiden name.
    Hope this is of help

  26. My Quigleys are from somewhere in Donegal but are Catholic. The only link I have to them is a marriage to a Susan Curran. Thanks for sharing what you have.

  27. Can I contact ‘LILY’ (above) to find out what information she has on the BURNS family of Tullydish, County Donegal. I think I am a descendant of them. (Robert John Burns, William Burns, etc.)

  28. of course just reply to one of her entries

  29. Lily,
    You said in your comment of April 5th, that you have quite a lot of information on the Burns family. I think I am a descendant of the Burns family of Tullydish Upper, County Donegal (Robert John Burns, William Burns, James Burns – mid 19th c). Do you have any info on them?

  30. Is it at all possible to give previous correspondant Lily an electronic prompt? Desperately looking for more info on the Burns family who lived in the townland of Tullydish Upper, in the Parish of Fahan Lower, County Donegal from late 18th c right into 19th c – William Burns and James Burns and Robert John Burns.
    Might be of interest to say here that the Quigley family from Tullydish Upper and the Burns family of the same place seem to have been very closely linked. Heck – we might even be related. Joseph Quigley was a witness at the marriage of William Burns in 1914.

  31. I have sent you an email privately. From what you say I would reckon we are related. Where do you fit into the scheme of things?


  33. Can you tell me more about your GG Grandfather. Have you found anything in my blog page which suggests a connection?

  34. does this help at all? please contact me above if so.
    William McLaughlin Sr. (1793-1853) was born in Ireland and lived on the western shore of the peninsula of Inishowen on the east shore of Lough Swilly (pronounced Sooley) in the hamlet of Linsfort Glebe in the Parish of Desertegny in County Donegal, 14 miles from the city of Londonderry. He and his wife, Molly Quigley (1796-1856), may have had eleven children.

  35. The only Molly Quigley I have information about was born abt 1925. However I have added these people into my family tree as unrelated persons. Who knows I might be able to join them up. There is a great likelyhood that they are related to my Quigley family.

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  37. any luck with trying to link up my quigley with yours? currently, i’m stuck with the information i provided – can’t go back any further, although i do have info on william and molly’s children – any suggestions on where to research?

  38. sorry but you ill need to remind me where we got to. It’s a while since I worked on the Quigley family and all the connections I made

  39. here is a quick and dirty listing of my father’s family
    my father is hugh dennis mclaughlin, jr
    his father hugh dennis mclaughlin
    his was dennis mclaughlin 1857-1909
    his was hugh mclaughlin 1833, who married catherine fries, both born in ireland.

    dennis mclaughlin married an unrelated margaret mclaughlin (1858-1910)
    her father was james “40 acres” mclaughlin 1821-1911 – married to anne mckinney
    his father william mclaughlin 1793-1853 married to mary “molly” quigley 1796- 2/3/1856 in buncrana. they had 9 children that i know of.

    the 40 acres mclaughlin and his father lived on the western shore of the peninsula of Inishowen on the east shore of Lough Swilly in the hamlet of Linsfort Glebe in the Parish of Desertegny in County Donegal, 14 miles from the city of Londonderry. i believe they were blacksmiths, but james ultimately started a teasal farming business when he came to skaneatlas ny.

  40. Have you any connections to the Quigley’s that live in Dunkineely, County Donegal?

  41. I am sorry but I don’t know. The chances are there will be a connection but I don’t know of one. I have not been working on this tree for some time as I am on to my husband’s family. but I will return to it. I will be updating these pages at some point so maybe you will find the connection in the future

  42. a bit more information This is about a couple of books I have written

    The Quigley book is one of 4 that I have written about my family. I am now putting together the 3rd one.

  43. OK, Thanks I have a look at the book sometime soon.

  44. Interesting. I was looking in Fahan for Bells – one of whom moved to Australia in the mid-1800s. I am a great-grandson

  45. How interesting. Do you recognise any of the family? There were a family of Bells in Drumhaggart which is just outside Buncrana and they are part of my family through my grandmother Margaret Bell. I would be very interested in trading information

  46. My ancestor was John Thomas Bell born Dec 1848 or Jan 1849 in that district. He came to Australia as a 21 year-old. His parents were Richard Bell and Margaret Leigh.

  47. Hi Gary
    I have to be away from home over the weekend but will keep your email at the top of my list and next week I will have a look through my files. My main family tree is elsewhere on my computer and the quigley files on word press need updating….just haven’t had the time lately. I will get back to you and if I find John Thomas Bell I will send you what I have by email. Do you have a family tree programme as I could send you a gedcom file. Funnily enough I have a vague recolection of my mother mentioning this name so you never know what I will find. Cheers for now

  48. My reservation is that your grandmother, Margaret Bell, is a little young – born about 1880 which is 30 years after John Thomas Bell – unless her father, Richard Bell, was a brother of John Thomas Bell (and the common father was also called Richard). I would really need to find someone old enough to remember any conversations with my grandfather Bell (deceased 40 years) as to whether he ever recalled his father (John Thomas) mentioning leaving any siblings in Ireland.

  49. I punched Castlequarter, Fahan Upper, Donegal into google and your site came up. My gr. gr. grandfather came from Castlequarter and in August I’m traveling to Ireland to visit Castlequarter. I know nothing about it – how did you find all the information you have about your family there? I’d love to know what land my gr. gr. owned (not likely) or rented (more likely).
    My ancestor emigrated to the States in 1837 so it’s been about 170 years since my family lived there – it’s time someone went back. If you know anything about Castlequarter – have you been there? – I’d love any information you might offer me for my visit there.
    Newtown Square, PA

  50. Its good to hear from you and I am sorry for not relying sooner. My family of Quigleys lived in Tullydish but I belive they also had family in Castlequarter. Who is your grandfather and then I might be able to tell you some more

  51. I don’t know if I’m on the right track or not , I have been working on the quigley side of my family and have run into some road blocks . The only info I have for William Quigley is that he married Jane Campbell ( she was from Glasgow) . I have no birthdates but figuring he was born late 1700s . He had a son John around 1835 . John had a son James born 1853 who came to new York in 1873 with Esther Love .

  52. I think you are on the right track. I came accross them in my research and think that the James you mention is one of my ancestors. I couldn’t find out much about them. I will gewt back to my family tree and investigate what I have. It may take a little while as I am pretty busy on otherthings but I will reply

  53. I have a lot of info on James Quigley and his wife Esther Love , but can’t find anything on his father John ( married Elizabeth Boothe) or grandfather William ( married Jane Campbell ) . Their wives names were all I could find .

  54. Lilian. Joseph Quigley was my grandfather and I remember going to Tullydish in the pony and trap when I was a wee girl, to visit his brother Robert John and nieces. I remember the roadside house with the roses growing at door, the churning parlour and the teas set up to my granny and granda and family when we visited. Especially the ‘country butter’ which I was not keen on.

  55. How nice to hear from you Valerie. My strongest memories is causing consternation when at aged 4 I went to pick up the small yellow fluffy chickens from the front door. It was a lovely cottage and a great shame what happened to it.

  56. When your grand-mother’s father, Richard, died would there have been a death-certificate on which his parents may have been listed, as it would bee interesting to check if his parents (i.e. Margaret’s grand-parents) were indeed Richard Bell & Margaret Leigh, of Fahan?

  57. must check up on this I have a feeling if my memory serves me well that her mother’s name was Sarah

  58. Yes – I saw the details of Margaret’s parents (i.e. Richard and Sarah) – but the gap is that of the parents of Richard. Thank you in anticipation. I think the chances are high, that Richard’s father was Richard married to Margaret), since your great-grandfather, Richard, named one of his sons Richard (i.e. one of Margaret’s brothers – not to mention Margaret herself possibly then having been given the name of Richard’s mother) and the John Thomas Bell (whom I suspect to be your Richard’s older brother) who came to Australia, named his second son, Richard.

  59. a bit too much of a coincidance I would say not to be related.

  60. And the John Thomas Bell (son of Richard & Margaret) here not only named a son Richard, but also a daughter Margaret.

  61. Received an e mail asking if Sarah fletcher or Elizabeth Dixon did patchwork or sewing, sorry I can’t help. in all the years I visited them I never saw either of them do any needlework.

  62. Hi Lilian, I wonder if you can help me. My great grandmother was an Isabella Quigley who I believe was born in Ireland, probably between about 1958 – 1962. She married John Watt Jameson and she gave birth to my grandmother Isabella Hilda Watt Jameson in Chefoo, China in 1894 as John Watt Jameson was working there at the time. As far as I know they then moved back to the UK.
    Please let me know if by some small chance she is linked to your family tree.
    Regards Amanda

  63. Have any of your Quigley males taken a Y- DNA test to learn to which of the original Quigley lines they belong? Some Quigley’s are actually from a different family line — men who took on the Quigley surname. I am attempting to initiate a Quigley surname research project to “map” our the actual Quigley history. Unfortunately, not enough Irish Quigley men have taken a Y-DNA test to begin the project. I live in America and have not been able to connect to my Quigley ancestors — a life-long dream of my deceased father. If anyone is interested in contacting me regarding the FamilyTreeDNA test, please do so. I will begin the study when I have enough individuals who will test. I’d love to hear from you.

    I’ll be coming to Ireland when I get a “Quigley Gigue” put together.

    Mary Elizabeth
    Quigley Research L.L.C.
    Port Orchard, WA, USA

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