Posted by: liliansloan | January 8, 2009

Garden visitors

Over the last couple of years we have had a family of Pheasants visit our garden on most days. Mum Dad and 9 chicks would trip through the hedge, do their statue act and then feed on the seeds left for all the birds.  Dad usually came first and after treating us to his call – like a rusty saw I thought – mum would appear look around and then the chicks would follow.

On one occasions when the chicks were older they walked into an old upturned glass fish tank. Our cat Poppy thought this look exciting and stood near the tank watching them.  With their claws and mum and dad and other siblings around she wasn’t going to attack – just cause a bit of panic.  I had to intervene and shoo the birds out.  Are they not the stupidist birds on the planet.  They simply ran further into the garden and under some high shrubs.  Why can’t they just fly away!  Really they deserve to end up on the dinner plate. Mmmm!

Yesterday I saw the first one of this year.  Mum checking out the area.  No doubt she will be nesting in the fields at the end of the garden and maybe we will get a new clutch this year.

Anyway here’s a few photos we took of them.  


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